Houses for Dogs

Uneek BeYOUtiii has the outdoor shelter setup that you need for your dog, from little A-frames and portable huts to huge, weatherproof, and gorgeous log cabin-type cheap dog houses. Consider the size, design, construction, materials, placements, and bedding when choosing a dog house. Keep in mind that the primary function of a dog house is to create a sense of security while keeping your pooch dry and away from the weather. With our tool-free and easier to assemble construction options, you’re guaranteed to find a puppy dog house that is perfect for your dog, your yard, and your environment.

Buy dog houses in the USA from us at pocket-friendly prices.

Styles Of Dog Houses
Dog shelters that are insulated or igloo-style are great for protecting your dog from the sun, heat, cold, and rain. Choose a specific heating pad to provide little or older dogs with additional comfort and relief in cold weather, in addition to their quirky flair and excellent insulation.Shelters made of solid wood or in the manner of a log cabin are a fashionable solution for your dog. Most are made of solid wood and have asphalt or shingled roofs to mimic a human dwelling.

Another wonderful alternative is a plastic dog house, which has high impact polyethylene, double wall thickness, and adequate ventilation. They’re also simple to cleanse and clean.

Pricing and Information on Premium Dog Houses
Uneek BeYOUtiii premium dog shelters are of the highest quality available in the USA. In the winter, they can be insulated to help keep your pet warm. They come in five different sizes to fit any dog. You won’t find a dog house that compares to our quality in any big box shop or home center. Choosing a dog house is attractive and will survive for many years. Our dog home is made of the highest quality materials and includes LP Smart Side Siding and Trim, which has been treated to prevent fungal deterioration and rot. This siding and trim come with a 50-year warranty that no other product can match.

Standard Features of a Dog House
Our dog houses are made to last a long time. We understand how demanding your beloved buddy may be in your home. All of our items are designed to last for years with minimal upkeep. Only the best materials and building processes are used. The following features come standard on all of our dog houses.

  • Solid wood framing
  • 3/8″ Engineered and Treated LP Smartside Siding and Trim
  • Pre-primed from the factory for superior paint adhesion
  • Sturdy 1/2″ Floor Sheeting and Roof Sheeting
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • Classic dog house styling
  • Stylish overhang on the roof


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