Hello My Fur Babie  Lovers!!(lol)… Do you have a fur babie at home that you absolutely love to spoil and dress up in cute little outfits and accessories  like I do? I know I love my fur babie so much that I established a business to make it easier for myself and other fur moms & dads to shop conveniently online for their lovely little babie.

Uneek BeYouTii Collections was created for all the fur babie lovers to have a reliable and versatile platform to shop from all we want & whenever we want!! I used to be up all night long searching and shopping online for my fur babie’s favorite things. She loves to play dress up in her favorite bows and accessories… She’s Spoiled Rotten!!!!!! When I dress up my little Zion, she can’t stay out off the mirror & she runs around the house happily….. SHE’S VERY BOUJEE.. That’s why I decided to make the slogan of my store “The Boujee Babiez Slay House.”

The Boujee Babiez Slay House

When I first launched the store, I used to get my goods from vendors in China, which I quickly discovered, was very slow; given that it took anywhere from 2 to 3 months before my customers received their purchases… something had to be done. I couldn’t deal with the idea that this shopping experience would be so daunting for my dear customers when I wanted to spread joy and happiness.

Long story short, I revamped my store, invested a ton of money, all of this because I wanted my customers to have a seamless shopping experience. The idea is to provide world-class merchandise with punctuality in mind so they can keep coming back to purchase more goods for their lovely fur-babies. I want my customers to have an amazing and unforgettable experience when they shop at my store. I’m a firm believer in taking care of my customers so they will take care of me.

Additionally, your money will do more than just help me run my business, it will help me fund a non-profit organization called Unpredictable Care Foundation that I absolutely love and enjoy giving my time and efforts to. A lot of shopping from your end means a lot of donations to Unpredictable Care Foundation to serve the community. Thank you in advance and lots of love…